Powerspark: Viper Dry Coil

Powerspark: Viper Dry Coil

8 January, 2018 0 By Albino_Hedgehog


Powerspark are one of my favourite ignition part suppliers, this could be down to the fact they are located on my very own doorstep.

However, another reason I have never failed to recommend them to other Mini owners, is simple. They are worth their weight in gold, for the quality, and knowledge that these guys pass on the their customers!

The kits they provide, show an instantaneous improvement over the standard system, and continue to be fantastic value for money, right up to their top tier packages!

Today we join up with Madd Mini Vlogger, who is is going to show how you would go about fitting a Viper Dry Coil.


The Viper Dry Ignition Coil is a modern high performance coil designed to replace your traditional oil filled coil.

Unlike a traditional coil, the Viper uses dry resin inside a secure housing instead of oil. This does away with temperamental performance associated with sloshing or dripping fluid, while keeping the same design characteristics of a traditional coil.

Having a solid dry core means the Viper coil can be mounted on any angle without the risk of sloshing or dripping.

The Viper Dry Sports Ignition Coil allows you to upgrade your classic car without compromising any of the period styling within the engine bay.