Local Mini Chat – GPS Car Tracking

Every classic car owner wants the reassurance of knowing where their pride and joy is. This isn’t some misplaced paranoia, this is caring for your investment, the reason you work for your weekends. 

We at LMC are always looking for ways to protect our love and joy, and it is through this love, and the disappointment we have experienced using similar car tracking services that we felt utterly obliged to offer something stable, reliable, and something we take pride in.



Local Mini Chat Car Tracking


  • We genuinely care about the people we offer this service to. It’s not enough to sign someone up 12 months, and get in touch before the contract is up. We offer unparrelled customer service, making you feel more like a community member, than a sales figure


  • The pride and determination we have for this project, was born out of frustration with similar services that let us down. We do not want to be 2nd best, and we don’t want you to be either. Our work ethic is to offer a stable reliable service to our customers. This means giving them the choice of service features, and even the tracking device you choose to use


  • Our customers are more than sales number. We are building a community of people who love what we do, and stand by our excellent service. This is what we stand for, and this is our number 1 priority



  • Pinpoint the position of your vehicle
  • Follow them with Google Maps
  • Location history
  • In-App notifications
  • Compatible with your existing tracking devices!


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Further Information:

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss the tracking services that we provide. You can contact us via this page, or on our various social media pages, including Facebook & Twitter.