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15 October, 2018 0

4 Scenes That Will Make You Want To Watch The Italian Job Again

By Albino_Hedgehog

Bank job films often include a thoughtfully-selected getaway car, and in The Italian Job, the criminals apply a spectacular twist: multiple Mini Cooper getaway cars. But you already know this. If you’re new to this film, here’s the setup: recently released from prison after two years inside, Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) finds he has been […]

8 October, 2018 0

Meet the one-off modified Mini called ‘Orange Crush’

By Albino_Hedgehog

Is the ratio of that picture out? Nope,. It’s one of the oddest, most intriguing Minis ever built. It has been nicknamed ‘Orange Crush’, because a) it’s orange, and b) it features a chopped, lowered roofline. Crushed, you might say. But… why? Ours is not to question, but to marvel. It is the work of a man […]

7 October, 2018 0

BMW to close MINI plant for one month immediately after Brexit

By Albino_Hedgehog

MINI confirms shut down “to minimise the risk of any possible short-term parts-supply disruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit” BMW is to close its MINI factory near Oxford the day after the UK leaves the EU. The move is said to be part of the company’s “planned annual maintenance”, but is being timed […]

9 August, 2018 0

Five things you need to know about the Cooper name

By Albino_Hedgehog

Charles Cooper and his son, John, started making basic and affordable racing cars back in 1948. They had no idea they would revolutionise motorsport the world over, while John would go on to create one of the most iconic and loved cars of all time: the Mini Cooper. Today, here are five Cooper facts for […]